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We are a phone call or email away!
24/7 TOLL FREE HELP/HOT LINE: 866-404-7539
OR EMAIL: Info@amyloidosissupport.org

Southern California

If you would like to talk, please call the ASG at 866-404-7539 toll free in the USA (leave a message if no one is there and you will be called back).

Contact Person: Muriel muriel@amyloidosissupport.org
Toll Free 866-404-7539 TOLL FREE - leave message
Date: Saturday May 4, 2019
Time: (Registration and Breakfast 8-9 am) Meeting starts 9:00 AM, -2:30 PM
Location: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion
o 127 S San Vicente Blvd Ste A5321, Los Angeles, CA 90048
o PEC 6 & 7


Comments: Guests: Dr. Michaela Liedtke, Stanford, Robert Vescio from Cedars and Michael Rosenzweig from City of Hope
Notes on previous meetings: Saturday, January 12, 2019 our guests were Drs Brett Sperry, Robert Vescio from Cedars and Michael Rosenzweig from City of Hope

Saturday, October 20, 2018 our guests were Drs. Angela Dispenzieri(Mayo) Michael Rosenzweig(COH), Lisa Lee (UC Irvine) and our host from Cedars Dr. Robert Vescio

On Saturday May 5th our guests were Cara Rosenbaum from Weill Cornell and Robert Vescio from Cedars.

On Saturday , January 6, 2018 our guests Drs. Jeff Zonder/ Karmanos , Robert Vescio, Michael Rosenzweig (COH), and our favorite Cardiologist, Dr. Jignesh Patel joined about 60 of us in a new room. We met in The Harvey Morse Conference Center Auditorium, next door to the usual Meeting room. We loved the extra space and hope to get that room again soon.

Saturday October 21, 2017 Guests: Drs. Michaela Liedtke & Robert Vescio

Saturday June 24th , 2017 Guests: Drs. Jeff Zonder/ Karmanos, Robert Vescio, Michael Rosenzweig, and Anuj Mahindra MD from Scripps.

February 4th, 2017 our guest was Taxiarchis Kourelis

Our guests last meeting(Saturday September 17th, 2016) were Drs. Shaji Kumar, Anuj Mahindra, Jignesh Patel, and David Eisenberg.

Our guests last meeting were Angela Dispenzieri Mayo Clinic Robert Vescio MD, Cedars Michael Rosenzweig MD, City of Hope

Our guests last meeting were Wilson Gonsalves MD, Mayo Clinic
Robert Vescio MD, Cedars
Michael Rosenzweig MD, City of Hope

Our guests last meeting were Drs Wilson Gonsalves, Michael Rosenzweig and Robert Vescio

Our fall guest was Jeff Zonder/Karmanos Detroit

Our guests on May 16: Dr. Morie Gertz from Mayo, Dr Robert Vescio from Cedars, Dr. Michael Rosenzweig from COH

Our guests in February were Dr. Shaji Kumar Mayo/Rochester, (PUB), Robert Vescio Cedars/Sinai and Michael Rosenzweig COH

Saturday October 18, 2014 our guests were Dr. Jeff Zonder-Karmanos, Dr. Robert Vescio –Cedars, and Dr. Michael Rosenzweig – COH

Saturday May 31, 2014 Our guests were Morie Gertz MD, Mayo/Rochester, Annabel Wang MD UC Irvine- Neurologist, Dr. and Robert Vescio from Cedars along with the clinical trial reps from Alnylam, Isis and Pfizer.

Our January '14 Guests were : Craig Reeder MD Mayo/Rochester, Dr. Robert Vescio from Cedars, and Dr. Michael ‘Rosenzweig COH along with the clinical trial reps from Prothena (NEOD001), Isis and Alnylam.

Saturday October 19th 2OUR GUESTS: Dr. Annabel Wang –Neurologist UC Irvine,

Saturday JUNE 22, 2013 OUR GUESTS: Dr. Janice Wiesman Peripheral Neuropathy expert from BU, Dr. Robert Vescio from Cedars, and Dr. Michael Rosenzweig COH

January 5, 2013 Saturday our guest was Dr. Morie Gertz Mayo/Rochester, Dr. Vescio from Cedars and Dr. Rosenzweig from COH.

Saturday October 20 2012 our guests were The Binding Site, LLS, Dr.Robert Vescio and Craig Reeder MD – Mayo/Phoenix

Saturday June 23, 2012 Our guests were Dr. Angela Lopez of Cedars/Sinai and Dr. Angela Dispenzieri –Mayo/Rochester and Dr. Michael Rosenzweig of COH Along with Judith of the Binding Site

Our guests in January were Dr. Nishant Tageja from the NIH and Dr. Robert Vescio along with Dr. Michael Rosenzweig and our LLS Rep Tricia and Binding Site Rep Judith Finlay. Over 60 attendees enjoyed and learned much at this meeting.

SATURDAY OCT 22, 2011 our guests were Dr. Morie Gertz from the Mayo Clinic at Rochester MN and Dr. Robert Vescio. A record 69 attendees were educated and supported by these exceptional doctors and fellow patients

May 21, 2011 our guests were Dr.Joseph Mikhael – Mayo/PHX and Dr. Vescio from Cedars/Sinai

January 8, 2011 our guests were Dr. Robert Kyle from Mayo Rochester MN, Dr. Robert Vescio from Cedars and Dr. Belinda Ng, Cardiologist – over 40 people hung on every word....it was a great meeting – they all are

Our guests October 16 were Dr. Vescio, Dr. Hu Neurologist from the amyloidosis Team from Cedars and Dr. Belinda Ng, Cardiologist

Our guests in May were Dr. Robert Vescio /Cedars- Sinai and Dr. Leif Bergsagel /Mayo – Phoenix and and Dr. Belinda Ng - Cardiologist

Our guests in January 2010 were Dr. Belinda Ng – Cardiologist and Dr. Robert Vescio – 30 people left supported, educated and can’t wait for the next meeting........

Our guest in fall was Dr. Robert Vescio

Our guests in May were Dr. Vescio and Tina of The Binding Site.

Our guests in January were Dr. Vescio and Synergy Seminars to help us relax with Guided Imagery and the LLS

Our guests in October '08 were Dr.Robert Vescio, Dr. James Berenson, Dr. Marc Ofdstein of the VA and the LLS

Our guests in May were Dr. Shaji Kumar Mayo/Rochester, and Dr. Vescio

Our Guests for January '08 were - LLS – BINDING SITE – DR. VESCIO-

Our Los Angeles meeting was another success. Dr. Reeder, who made the trip from Mayo/ Phoenix and Dr. Vescio, our host at Cedars, were great, helpful, compassionate and informative. We had several newly diagnosed patients who knew immediately that they were in the right place for information and support. Some traveled from as far as San Diego, San Jose and Seattle.WA even had the spouse of a recently lost patient who came to get and give support, and as a nurse, is committed to spreading awareness. What courage and an inspiration to us all. Our new rooms at Cedars, thanks to Dr. Vescio and his great assistant Solange Hildreth, were spacious, with room for many more. We missed those who were not able to make it for medical and family reasons and look forward to filling up our great new space at our next meeting January 5th, 2008. (We did have close to 30) We enjoyed a great nosh and lunch thanks to our local Celgene rep. We are most appreciative for their help.

And thanks to Muriel with her boundless energy.

Guest speaker was Dr. Craig Reeder Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Arizona. And Robert Vescio MD – Cedars Sinai
Dr. Reeder Bio

Guest speakers were Dr. Steven Zeldenrust of Mayo -Rochester MN and joining him was Dr. Vescio of Cedars/Sinai. What an educational and fun meeting. Lots of support and great food too:=)

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We invite our pharmaceutical liaisons to our support group meetings to help in our goal of educating and empowering our patients. The donations and/or grant received from these companies are unconditional, and the ASG does not endorse any one of their products over any other types of amyloidosis treatment. These treatments are mentioned at our meetings, on our website, and other electronic format for educational purposes. We encourage you to consult your amyloidosis professional when choosing a treatment plan.

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