George Wojtowicz

My father was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis, November 8, 2008 and passed away June 6, 2009. His heart was the major organ affected, but with the progression of this disease, most of his organs and soft tissue became affected. He put up a good fight. He was very brave and wanted to be the exception in regard to the poor prognosis.

My heart will forever be broken. I would give anything to have him here one more day to look into his eyes…to hear his voice…give him a big hug. But with that one more day, I know I would ask for one more, again and again.

Unfortunately, my last memories of my dad will be of him in the hospital, very weak…laboring to breathe, unable to speak, the look of pain and fear in his eyes.

Dad loved to hunt and fish with my brother. He deeply enjoyed being with his granddaughters. Dad and mom loved to travel. He and I loved the beach.

The memories he has left me with will forever be cherished.