Michael P. Macias

Michael P. Macias born 5-1-1949 passed away on 10-24-10 after a 4 1/2 yr battle with amyloidosis. He was diagnosed july 2006 with kidney involvement started dialysis november 2006. He was on Melphalan and Revlimid and at the end of 3 years decided that he no longer wanted to fight anymore.

He is survived by a wife, son, daughter,3 granddaughters, four brothers, many nieces, nephews and in laws who loved him very much and who treasured his friendship and kind words. Michael was a quite gentle loving caring man who was loved by all. He was a truck driver for over for 30 years working for various companies the last being 7 up.

His death certificate reads: sepsis, pneumonia, end stage renal failure,and amyloidosis. He was cremated and his remains will be scattered at the desert and the beach two places where he loved to go and have fun.