Gregg Thomas Gerner

Gregg passed away on December 27, 2016 after a long battle with amyloidosis. He was born on September 2, 1957. He is survived by his wife Heidi, his father Tom Gerner, his mother Barbara Gerner, his sister Sandy Heller, and his nieces Katie and Megan Sandvig. Gregg began to have severe health issues in 2013 that affected his mobility and left him in constant pain. He had to quit working in September of 2014 which was a difficult step to make in this process as he loved his job as head golf pro at the Indian Springs Country Club in La Quinta. Gregg was in the restaurant business in the 1980's, and honed his craft as a bartender and restaurant manager for Charlie Brown's. Then he segued to his PGA career in the early 1990's and moved headlong into a career that he was passionate about and savored each day. He consistently maintained a positive attitude and spirit throughout this prolonged illness, and always fought to heal his body through prayer and trying new medicinal approaches. Gregg was always thankful for the support his friends and family gave him throughout this difficult time. -