Ruby Bates

I want to share with the group that Ruby went home to be with the Lord on July 29th. She fought the most courageous battle imaginable. We were making great progresss but got blindsided by an infection that went septic. I will always suspect her PICC line was the cause and I was responsible for the PICC line. You all are still in the trenches. Our battle is over. I have started a new journey now even more difficult than the last. I want to do something to help fight this insidious disease in the way of finding the cause, early diagnosis and cure.. In the meantime Muriel and others are doing a great job providing technical information beneficial to all. Attached is a poem I was inspired to write to honor the life of my beloved. God bless you all, Winsley

My Beautiful Wife

This is the story of the joy of my life,
My friend, my lover, my beautiful wife.

She was so pretty, so proper, refined,
A better companion could nobody find.

Up very early the day still ahead,
Never the sun would find her in bed.

Tending our children with care and concern,
The tasks of a mother did she readily learn.

Whether cooking or sewing or cleaning our house,
A man couldn't find a more diligent spouse.

Never gaudy or flashy or flirty or loud,
A woman who made her man really proud.

She so loved the LORD and her Bible she read,
And many young women to Jesus she led.

Then came grandchildren all full of joys,
First came the girls and finally boys.

All were well cared for loved and adored,
At grandmother's house they were never bored.

In her garden she weeded and planted for hours,
Filling our yard with beautiful flowers.

I felt in my heart she was such a treasure,
That caring for her was nothing but pleasure.

Even in sickness that caused her dismay,
Never a sinful word did she say.

The last days were difficult, painful and tough,
Still forty five years just wasn't enough.

Since Jesus has promised us eternal life,
Once again I will see my beautiful wife.