Toni Linn

Toni Patricia Linn - Former Austin resident Toni Patricia Linn died of complications due to Amyloidosis on May 27, 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya at the residence of her daughter Holly Radice. Toni (pictured above right with Holly) made Austin her home from 1978 until 1993. Born in Irvington, NJ, Toni sought diverse experiences and managed her life accordingly. It was her intelligence, aptitude, and tenacity that facilitated her course in life. Austin friends may recall her interest in vintage clothing and passion for the blues. She made many friends here after initially relocating to attend the University of Texas where she graduated in 1980. From Austin she left the US to live abroad, primarily in India, SE Asia, and Africa. By the time she landed in Kenya to convalesce, Toni had visited or lived in about 37 countries. She was a traveler and never a tourist, calling wherever she was at the time her home. Her favorite cities included Bangkok and Dharamsala. Toni would want mention made of her dear Aunt Matilda, who underwrote the start of her global travels through a small inheritance. Toni is survived by a sister, four children and three grandchildren. She will always be remembered for her determination to live life on her own challenging terms, her incredible acumen and spirit, and the value she placed on those she loved.